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Banners are to follow the banner size as shown below and must be submitted by the advertiser. Banners will follow the same guidlines as page advertising and if DORG feels that they represent anything that is offensive or does not meet the code of ethics, they will be refused and money returned.
Banners may appear on these pages
See an example

Dachshunds in the News
Dachshund News Page Bottom or Side
Dachshunds Around the World Bottom or Side
Current Features
5 pages available (content changes monthly) Bottom or Side
In Every Issue
Dachshund Standards Bottom or Side
Dachshund Clulbs Bottom or Side
Kennel Clubs Around the World Bottom or Side
Reading Room  Bottom or Side
Gallery Bottom or Side
A Look at the Past Bottom or Side
Memorial Page Bottom or Side
Health Care Bottom or Side
Grooming Bottom or Side
Health Care Bottom or Side
Recipes Bottom or Side
Behavior Training Bottom or Side
Dachshund Talents
Dachshund in Sports Bottom or Side

Prices are as follows

Ad for breeders or items $10.00/month
Cover ad (first page of site) $50.00/month
Banner ad 400x60 pixels  $5.00/mth per page*
Small Banner Ad 115x115 pixels or 90x60 $2.50/mth per page*

Right click and save these sizes as an example

For More information contact:
Dachshund Magazine
Division of PenMarketing
E-mail :   Advertising Department
Phone:    321-728-5857 - Monday-Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm

REJECTION:  DORG is firm in their convictions that there will never be any endorsement of any puppy mill, animal distributor or any association with anything that harms, hinders or exploits dogs or any animals.  DORG reserves the right to investigate all potential ads and if they do not meet the criteria that DORG wishes to represent, they have full rights to refuse any ad. If money is sent as pre-payment, DORG will return any funds to the originator.