Agility with Glucosamine
$ 38.95 for 60 tablets
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Agility with Glucosamine 
for Dogs and Cats 
Website: Healthy Pet Net
Contact Email: : David & Tracy Lockey
Toll free: 888-860-6335
 Fax: 561-219-0681

While cruising the vendors at a dog show a couple of months ago, I stopped and spoke to a representative from a company called Healthy Pet Net. I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients in their dog food and the composition of their supplements they offered. The healthy, natural and safe products were something I wanted to know more about. I was impressed with the knowledge and concern the representatives for the company had about dog and cat health issues and we began discussing alternative food sources and medications. The discussion led to the Dachshunds, which led to the back problems and then to a product they call Agility.   I expressed an interest in it the for it's components and because I had been in search for a quality product,  I was generously given a sample to try out on my dog.

I had intended to try it on a dachshund, but ended up deciding to try it on my rescue German Shepherd, who at 11 years of age was suffering from the signs of arthritis.  The representatives for the company, David and Tracy Lockey, told me they had seen an amazing improvement in their own dog's performance after only two weeks after they put her on it. I already knew that glucosamine was excellent as a non steroid treatment for those dogs suffering from arthritis, but, having Dachshunds I knew that it would also benefit those dogs that had longer backs. Since my Shepherd needed some help, more than any of my other dogs, I started her on it. The dosage for her size was 3 pills daily for the first week, then two pills a day as maintenance. The pills are extremely palatable and I crush them with my fingers over her food. It was interesting to see her desire to eat her food since this dog was never much of an eater, yet, the flavor that the pill puts into the food made her "lick the bowl clean", a most unusual practice for this dog. 

I can  honestly say that within 3 weeks, the dramatic difference in her ability to get around as well as get up and walk was quite noticeable. The most AMAZING phenomena was her initiating play with her companions. Prior to this, she had stopped  participating in games, yet had been most active in years prior to this by running and playing ball and wrestling with her Aussi companion. When I saw her running , playing tag and tossing the ball in the air on her own, tears swelled in my eyes. I had not seen this for a few years, and did not realize just how much she had slowed down. 

Click here to read about the ingredients, how it works and why it is an excellent product. I can honestly say the vast improvement in my dog has been phenomenal and it's given an 11 year old German Shepherd a second chance at being active and enjoying life without chronic pain. I give this product a profound thumbs up!

Cost breakdown: A dog less than 25lbs. would get 1 tablet daily for the first week. After that they get 1/2 tablet daily. 

One Bottle has 60 tablets in it and would last 4 months for one dog under 25lbs. using 1/2 tablet dosages.

Final Cost:  $9.73 a month!

All of HealthyPetNet's products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a nationally recognized veterinarian and proponent of natural medicine. Dr. Jane oversees all product manufacturing and testing to ensure that HealthyPetNet products are safe and proven effective. 
If you sign up for the preferred plan and get the products sent monthly you are able to take advantage of the item for a reduced rate. An excellent program it allows you to keep your dog on a monthly maintenance program and you get it sent to you automatically. Contact David or Tracy for more information on this plan.
Website: Healthy Pet Net
Email: : David & Tracy Lockey
Toll free: 888-860-6335
 Fax: 561-219-0681
Product reviews are unbiased reports that I write because I have personally tried the item I am writing about. I am not compensated nor are these items paying for any endorsement. These opinions are totally mine, as the owner of DORG, but, because they have proven to be a credible product that lives up to it's claim, I feel that I can benefit others by writing a review.
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