Puppy Behavior Test

Note. The data in page 9a is from Making Friends: Training Your Dog 
Positively (p. 46) by Linda Colflesh, 1990, New York: Howell Book House. Copyright 1990 by Linda Colflesh. 

Puppy Behavior Tests  

I . Social Attraction
Have someone place the puppy on the floor approximately four feet from the tester, who is kneeling on the floor. The tester coaxed the puppy to him with his voice and body motions. 
     A. Puppy runs to tester with tail up, jumps up. 
     B. Puppy takes a few seconds to look around, then comes to tester, tail up. 
     C. Puppy comes hesitantly, tail down. 
     D. Puppy will not come at all; remains frozen in place. 
     E. Puppy wanders off to explore room, ignoring tester. 
     A. This puppy is bold and confident. He likes people. Will you mind a 
     problem with your dog jumping up on people? Don't be taken in by this 
     attractive response. Bold dogs are difficult to control. 
     B. Moderate response. 
     C. Puppy is less sure of himself, especially in a strange place, but still 
     attracted to people. May be easier to control. See if pup's confidence 
     increases as test progresses. 
     D. Puppy is scared, intolerant 
     of stress. Look for trembling to indicate degree of fear. This puppy may be   shy of strangers. 
     E. There may be two reasons for this response. One is that the puppy is not 
     a people-oriented dog, preferring to satisfy his own curiosity than to seek 
     company. His independence may make him hard to train. The other 
     reason for this response is that the puppy is not attracted to strangers, but 
     may still bond well to one person. 

2. Following
     The tester stands up and walks away from the puppy, talking to the puppy 
     encouragingly. Walk about ten to twenty feet, if there is room. 
     A. Follows readily, tail up, gets underfoot or runs ahead.
     B. Follows readily, tail up.
     C. Follows hesitantly. tail down. 
     D. Does not follow; remains frozen in place.
     E. Wanders off to explore.
     A. While attracted to people, this puppy is also assertive. May need an 
     equally assertive owner. 
     B. Confident. but ready to follow owner, literally and figuratively. 
     C. Puppy less confident.

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