The USA 
Under Attack
Print a flag to tape to your car window
Print this flag to wrap around a dowel (pdf file)
Help the 
rescue dogs

Here are some sites that offer news and images of the tragedies in NYC and Washington DC.
Full Lists of contact numbers as supplied by CNN
Victims taken to NYC hostipals - search the database
Important Numbers

Red Cross Blood Donation Hotline 
To donate money to the Red Cross for assisting victims of the attacks, call
800-HELP-NOW ( 800-435-7669)

National Victims Hotline

NY Medical Personal Assistance Hotline

NY Doctors Volunteer Hotline

NY State Disaster Assistance

United Airlines

American Airlines

NYPD - If you have any video of the WTC area around 7:30am, 9/11/2001,  please call - 212-577-TIPS (8477)

New York City Website -

FBI - Report Information at: Or Call 1-866-483-5137 (Toll Free)

The United Way of New York and The New York Community Trust have
established a fund to help the victims of Tuesday's attacks and their families.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the September 11th Fund may call 1-800-710-8002. You can also make donations to the United Way by visiting their Web site at
To make donations to the Salvation Army for helping the victims, call
1-800-SAL-ARMY  (1-800-725-2769)
For more information on helping victims of the U.S. attacks, visit
To donate to World Vision's American Families Assistance Fund, click here Or call 1-888-511-6593.

The dogs need our help also. Here are sites that are helping by sending items such as booties and medical supplies.  Your donation will send needed items. - thank you, DORG Magazine

Make a donation through Jeffers Pet for supplies -

I personally wrote to Jeffers to ask if donations could be used for "any" supplies that were needed by the Search and Rescue Teams instead of just booties and this was the response to my email.

"Thank you for the email. We have sent many supplies, not just dog boots. We sent ISP, VetRap, different medications, dog food, and so on. Last night, we spoke to FEMA and the NASAR and they are saying that the supplies they receive today will be enough, and that all future donations they would like in the form of cash. So, we are donating the current contributions and donations to the American Red Cross and the NASAR training program."

Click here to bring up the site if you're stuck in someone's frames or you just see a single page.
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